Hi! My name’s Matt and I’m an out-going, approachable, professional freelance Lead UX/UI Designer based in London, UK and this is my website.


I’ve started my journey with graphic design in early teenage years back home, in Poland. Influenced by Marvel comic books and 90’s cartoons I started sketching and drawing with a passion. When I got my first PC and a copy of Photoshop 6.0 my entire world went upside down.

Most recently, I spent four years contracting for companies and agencies like Avis & Budget, MAS, Sapient Nitro and ClearScore crafting top quality UI designs.

I’m into big, challenging ideas and the creative process. Although UX is core to everything I do, I put a lot of attention to detailed UI, so the end bit is both effective and efficient.

I’m also friendly, supportive, always curious to learn something new, inquisitive, hardworking, an optimist with a good sense of humour... I hope. I’m in excellent health and a non-smoker. Can’t wait to work with you!


Nearly 13 years of experience helped to get big, fancy brands into my portfolio but my favourite to work with are still small, local businesses that are ready to shake the market.

So here you can find a sneak peek of my most recent work. Have a look, get inspiration and drop me a line. For a few more examples visit my Bēhance profile.

Image of the ClearScore project Image of the Money Advice Service project Image of the Avis App project Link to more projects at Behance

Curriculum Vitae

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, queries, job offers or simply say hi!

Last update; February 2019. Download CV (PDF).


I’m always up for a friendly chat!

+44(0)7515797772 or email me.